Paychex Inc. Novi, Michigan


Local Payroll Services for Businesses in Michigan
If your small business in Novi, Michigan needs payroll services, it can be hard to choose between large national providers and local payroll companies that have ties to the area. With Paychex, you can enjoy both – we offer the powerful combination of a nation-wide secure payroll platform as well as expert local teams ready to help our customers.

Services You Need, Right Where You Are
Finding the payroll services provider who understands your local workforce means working with people who know how Michigan’s changing economy is powering small business. Not only can our team help you manage your workforce, but we also offer secure online tools that can make it easier for you to get answers whenever you have questions.

Complete Integrated Payroll Services for Your Business
At Paychex, we work hard to make sure your business has what it needs to succeed. With the help of our convenient services, you will be able to free up resources you need to focus on your company’s growth and development. Allow us to help you through taking care of elements such as:

• 401k recordkeeping
• Employee benefits management
• Direct Deposit
• Wage garnishment services
• General ledger services

Enjoy the ease of robust payroll reports and other payroll services with Paychex, and do it with the security that comes from knowing you have an experienced partner who understands your needs. Contact us today at (248) 488-1100 to get started.


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