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Paychex HR and Payroll Services in Folsom, California

Looking for a powerful HR solution to help take your business to the next level? Paychex offers a full suite of payroll and HR services, from DIY payroll processing to a comprehensive human capital management (HCM) platform. Paychex helps business owners and HR managers in Folsom, California take back their time and increase productivity by offloading administrative tasks to payroll and HR professionals. Lose those Folsom payroll blues and let Paychex provide a reliable solution for many of your business’s administrative needs.

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Get help making the most of your Paychex payroll and HR solutions, from login support for our online payroll software to contacting Paychex service teams.

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What solutions does Paychex offer?

Because no two businesses are exactly alike, Paychex offers a full spectrum of payroll and HR services to accommodate the specific needs of businesses in the Folsom area, and takes into account key information such as company size, location, and long-term growth strategy.

Featured Paychex payroll and HR services in Folsom:

Payroll Services
Payroll services in Folsom California

Free up the long hours spent processing payroll and taxes so you can spend more time fulfilling your business vision.

Learn more about payroll
HR Services
HR services in Folsom California

Take advantage of powerful, efficient HR solutions by combining cutting-edge HR technology with friendly and professional support from our team of industry experts.

Learn more about HR services
Folsom PEO services

Take the pressure off trying to keep up with new regulations, benefit costs, and other areas impacting employer liability. By hiring a professional employer organization (PEO), you have a dedicated HR professional on your side who will address key areas of liability and workplace risk that might be affecting your business.

Learn more about PEO

Other Paychex payroll and HR solutions include:

Time and Attendance

Paychex offers flexible options to meet your business’s time-tracking needs, from simple time clocks to cutting-edge time and attendance tracking technology.

Learn more about time and attendance
Hiring Services

Gain access to the powerful technology built into Paychex Flex Hiring to find and recruit top-notch candidates and uncover important information about potential employees.

Learn more about hiring services
Business Insurance

Paychex also serves as a business insurance agency with licensed agents who understand the nuances of insurance contracts and can help you find a policy that suits your needs.

Learn more about business insurance
Employee Benefits

Get the competitive advantage in recruiting top talent by offering your employees a comprehensive benefits plan. Paychex offers medical, dental, and vision coverage, retirement plans, and financial wellness programs.

Learn more about employee benefits
Finances and Payments

Meet and exceed your financial goals by making it easier for customers to buy from you.

Learn more about finances and payments
Startup Services

Turn your startup into a profitable business with the combined power of Paychex software solutions and professional guidance.

Learn more about startup services

What are the advantages of outsourcing payroll and HR services to Paychex?

  • More time for your business

    Payroll and HR administration are essential business operations, but they can also be time-consuming. By outsourcing these tasks to a professional payroll company, you can reclaim those lost hours and focus your expertise on advancing your business goals.

  • Avoid potentially losing money due to costly payroll pitfalls

    Business regulations in the state of California are constantly changing and impacting the way business processes are handled. By working with a company that is approaching a half-century of experience in dealing with such matters, you can rest assured that your payroll processing is done accurately.

  • Harness scalable services that evolve with your businesses

    When it comes to HR and payroll solutions, one size does not fit all. With Paychex, you choose the HR services or payroll options that best suit your business needs, from do-it-yourself solutions to a full-service experience.

Paychex Pays 1 in 12 U.S. Private Sector Employees

An effective payroll service might be right in front of you

Whether it’s your first time outsourcing to a payroll company or you are looking to switch to a new provider in Folsom, Paychex makes the transition easy with award-winning technology and 24/7, U.S.-based support.

Compare our packages to find the payroll services that fit your needs.

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State Unemployment Insurance Service
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HR and Payroll Resources for your Folsom Business

Visit Paychex WORX to find more resources such as these to help you solve your company’s payroll and HR issues, including compliance with California regulations and tax laws. Discover the benefits of outsourcing as you continue your research into HR and payroll outsourcing solutions.

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