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Need help handling payroll and HR for your business? Paychex offers scalable HR and payroll solutions for business owners and HR managers in Columbia, South Carolina. From simple, hands-on payroll services to a fully integrated human capital management (HCM) solution, Paychex has the services you need to move your business forward. Powered by cutting-edge technology and nearly a half-century of experience, Paychex helps businesses use their time and expertise more efficiently. The staff at our conveniently located office, just a few miles from the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, can help you get started.

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Get help making the most of your Paychex payroll and HR solutions, from login support for our online payroll software to contacting Paychex service teams.

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What are the advantages of outsourcing payroll and HR services to Paychex?

  • Free up time for your business

    By entrusting an expert to handle your payroll and HR administration, you can focus more on driving your business and reaching your goals.

  • Avoid costly payroll mistakes

    A company with 45-plus years of experience in business processes and knowledge of regulations in the state of South Carolina can help ensure payroll processing is done accurately each time.

  • Choose your level of involvement

    Do you want an easy, do-it-yourself payroll solution, or would you prefer a full-service experience? Customized payroll options give you the flexibility to fine-tune the details according to the needs of your business.

Paychex Pays 1 in 12 U.S. Private Sector Employees

What solutions does Paychex offer?

Your business needs a robust framework for payroll and HR services – but as a business owner, you need to spend your time on other tasks. Paychex makes it simpler by managing the details for you, increasing efficiency – and giving you peace of mind.

Featured Paychex payroll and HR services in Columbia:

Payroll Services

Turning your business vision into a reality requires time and persistence. Take back your time and productivity by outsourcing your payroll and taxes to the professionals.

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HR Services

Take advantage of cutting-edge HR technology and expert support for a smarter way to tackle issues and deliver better business results.

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The rules for businesses are always changing. Increasing regulations, employer liability, and benefit costs are constantly expanding the surface liability for business owners. With our professional employer organization (PEO), we help you avoid pitfalls and manage workplace risk by having you work with a dedicated HR professional who understands the key areas of liability.

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Other Paychex payroll and HR solutions include:

Time and Attendance

Paychex offers cutting-edge attendance tracking software solutions for flexible employee-tracking and scheduling.

Learn more about time and attendance
Hiring Services

Paychex Flex Hiring is a powerful solution with built-in technology to help you recruit the best fit and hard-to-find candidates, and uncover important information about job candidates.

Learn more about hiring services
Business Insurance

Finding the right business insurance policy is critical, but talking to agents and comparing proposals can be time-consuming. Our licensed agents can sort through the details and provide expert guidance on what kind of plan makes the most sense for your business, from workers’ compensation to property insurance.

Learn more about business insurance
Employee Benefits

Recruiting top talent requires competitive advantage. Give your business an edge with a top-notch employee benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans managed by Paychex.

Learn more about employee benefits
Finances and Payments

Keep on-target with your financial goals by making it easier for customers to buy from you.

Learn more about finances and payments
Startup Services

If you’re just starting out, Paychex has the startup services you need, such as incorporation and digital marketing, to make your new business a success.

Learn more about startup services

Industry-leading payroll services in Columbia might be right in front of you.

Whether it’s your first time outsourcing to a payroll company or you are looking to switch providers in Columbia, South Carolina, Paychex makes the transition easy with award-winning technology and 24/7, U.S.-based support.

Compare our packages to find the best payroll services for your needs.

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Express Payroll
Payroll Tax Administration
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24/7 Phone and Chat Support
Dedicated Payroll Specialist
State Unemployment Insurance Service
Analytics and Reporting
Paychex Flex HR Administration

HR and Payroll Resources

Visit Paychex WORX to find more resources such as these to help you solve your company’s payroll and HR issues, including compliance with South Carolina regulations and tax laws. Discover the benefits of outsourcing as you continue your research into HR and payroll outsourcing solutions.

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